zaterdag 23 september 2017

Work in progress

This website went into the air in February 2012 as a "blog": a collection of texts in chronological order about "ethics of care". From now on (April 2017) this site shall be entirely revised: I want to create here a place for reflection about care, with a particular research question as a starting point. 

We are all people of modernity, a historical constellation which brought us great opportunities, but at the same time has it created to some degree an unsteady concept of man. Modernity is unthinkable without individual autonomy, but simultaneously, men are objectivated by modern science without mercy. Consequently, this autonomy that man has acquired not so long ago is put at risk again. That's why I state that modern man is very much at odds with himself. Inspired by Charles Taylor, I call this "the paradox of modernity": modern man can only reflect on the world and himself from a first-person perspective, but at the same time, he can only approach his lifeworld and himself in a third person view. I want to examine what, for care, are the consequences of this paradox.

In my first series of texts, I want to elaborate this paradox of modernity with the help of books by Charles Taylor and Michel Foucault. After that, I shall define more closely the concept "care": after all that's where it is all about on this site. Then I want to explain what we understand by ethics of care and how it relates to other forms of ethics. Finally, I want to broach some particular subjects, such as quality management, physical restraint and the notion of being a person in the case of persons with dementia.

Because I want to organise my website in the future thematic instead of chronological, I shall have to change to another environment: the original site was written in Blogger, but this setting gives me to little opportunities for the changes that I want to realise.

Since English is the language of the internet, I shall write all my texts not only in Dutch but also in English.

One final remark: this site is a one-man business, and I am full-time working in care. That's why you don't have to expect that all this shall be ready shortly.

Version 1: 23-04-2017


(The complete bibliographic data you can find on the page:"Bibliografie - Bibliography") 
  • Taylor Charles (1989)

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